Golden Retriever: What to Know?

Golden Retriever is one of the types or kinds of dogs that is very popular in the world. They are a very friendly family dog and always want to please its owner. So it cannot be denied that the current Golden Retriever dog is one of the dogs were very popular to be used as pets.

Historically dogs in the type of the Golden Retriever are cultivated as hunting dogs. Formerly they were assigned to take hunted like wild water birds or poultry in many areas were watery. So that the breed can be said is unique, because they are not afraid of the water when it is assigned to hunt. More than that, a Golden Retriever is also quite intelligent as it takes its catch by not biting it roughly and can take hunted by piece. The ingenuity and intelligence of this kind of dogs are quite diverse so many who call this dog as a dog multipurpose such as sniffer dogs, guide dogs, hunting dogs and guard dogs. Mainly, there are two types of Golden Retriever dogs, namely the Britain standard and the American standard.

Several varied looks are prevalent to be found between the Britain and American standards or types of Golden Retriever dogs. These differences are also reflected in the breed standard for the Golden Retriever dogs. A Golden Retriever in the British Standard is usually bigger boned, shorter body, the head is more square, and the muzzle is generally slightly so great. The height of the male dogs if measured up to the upper end of the shoulder blade should be between 56 cm and 61 cm, while the female is slightly shorter, between 51 and 56 cm.

Compared to the British type, Golden Retriever dogs in the American type are shorter and thinner. The height of male ones measured up to the upper end of the shoulder bones is between 58 cm and 61 cm, while females are between 55 cm and 57 cm. As for the weight, males weigh between 27.2 kg to 36.3 kg, while the female weight 24.94 kg to 36.28 kg.