Understanding the Buddhist Funeral Service

The buddhist funeral services singapore for a funeral process can take the form of a funeral service before cremation, a memorial service after cremation and a funeral service before burial. According to the buddha’s teachings, in each of funeral differences mentioned above, all of the services and events surrounding the process should be simple, quiet and holy. It is also believed that the funeral is not an appropriate event in which one can show off wealth nor should express the grief through a display of wealth.

After that, the next memorial service which is also called as the viewing process may take place. A viewing, or also called a wake, can take place anytime, either before or after the funeral service. Usually, such a process lasts for up to several hours before the funeral service or else it can even last for up to three days if done after the funeral service.

For the viewing process, the casket or remains of the deceased after the cremation process should be put at the front of the room beside an altar which should be placed nearby. Thus, at the wake process, on the altar, an image of the deceased can be placed together with an image of the Buddha, flowers, candles, incense and fruit. Any wreaths flowers which are brought by mourners to be given to either the family of the deceased or the deceased himself or herself can also be placed in front of the altar. When entering the room in which the deceased is put, the first thing all of the mourners should do is to approach the altar, bow to the deceased with their hands pressed together in a pose of prayer, and then show their grief at the altar for a moment. After doing all of those, then, they may sit.