Omega 3: What to Know?

If we talk about the health, so we will talk about substance or food that we consume every day because of what we eat will greatly affect our body. In fact, there are a lot of substances that we get from the food we eat, starting from vitamins, zinc, calcium, protein.

In recent time, krill oil which is similar to cod oil has been known by almost people as the supplement that contains substances which are beneficial for the human body. One of the substances is known as omega 3. The omega 3 is known as a substance that is very beneficial for health, especially for people who have the serious diseases. Omega 3 is believed to cure heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and eliminate the pain during menstruation. In fact, omega-3 is also believed to be a substance that can increase intelligence in children. The omega 3 can be found in the several foods, especially for fishery foods. Below are the top five foods which you need to know as a recommendation for the omega 3:

1. Salmon fish
Who doesn’t know salmon fish? This expensive fish is one of the fish (besides krill shrimp) which can provide a significant number of omega 3. The volume of omega 3 in salmon will be 145 gram/4 oz. Unlike, salmon is very expensive in which there are many people rarely eat this fish.

2. Sardines and Mackerel
Sardines and mackerel are the fishes which contain a significant volume of sardines and mackerel. These fishes are commonly served as canned foods which available in the supermarket or minimarket. But, some people might dislike sardines or mackerel because of its stench.

3. Flax and Chia seeds
You might be unfamiliar with flax and chia seeds. For your information, flax and chia seeds are the seeds which contain a lot of omega 3 content.

Since the innovation and technology are well-developed, Antarctic Krill Oil becomes supplement that provides adequate omega 3 content for you and your family.