The explanation about free energy generator

The magnetic power plant is an idea that has been created by many scientists in the America and Europe, where they call it as the free energy generator, due to it doesn’t require a lot of energy and cost in order to generate electricity, and it can be functioned continuously for a long time. According to the tesla code secrets, the way it works is pretty simple. First, you can utilize the force from the opposite magnetic flux direction as the energy source which can make the other magnets to move. If the opposite magnetic flux is constructed from several magnets, so the magnets that function as the stator will trigger the movement from other magnets that functioned as the rotor. Then from this rotor part, it can be connected with some parts from another magnet, which is can be used as the generator, although the rotor magnet can also be used as the generator at the same time.

The downsides of the magnetic generator:

1. It’s difficult to find the relatively small and light magnet, with the powerful magnetic flux. Even though it may exist, the price can be very costly.

2. There is no monopole magnet, in order to get the optimal rotation. Then according to the theory, the magnet which is can be used for this task is the monopole magnet. Some researches have been conducted in order to create the monopole magnet, but there is still no effective result up to this date.

3. The power that can be generated by this generator is still too small, so it cannot be used for the large-scale power plant generator.

Although it has so many problems, if it can be made successfully, then it can be a very effective portable power plant. That’s why the magnetic generator will be very suitable if you’re carrying it when you’re traveling in the regions that don’t have the proper access to the electricity.